Neighborhood Shout-out!

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

neighborhoodBoth on post and off readers submitted which neighborhood they live in and what they love the most about it…  See what they had to say!

Katie lives off post:  “We live in Aspen Grove off Trenton. We like it because it’s relatively quiet. Easy access to post and to exit 4. Family friendly, lots of kiddos playing outside, families going for walks.

Mirely lives on post:  “We live in the Woodlands and I like it. I love the quietness. There are so many parks nearby. I love that the houses are spaced out and I dont feel crowded.”

Tell us about your neighborhood!  You may also submit pictures with your narrative.  Top submissions will be featured on Buy or Sell Clarksville Tennessee Homes and in the next Nosy Neighbor Newsletter.  No addresses will be displayed, and please note if you would like your submission to remain anonymous.  All submissions to please.

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