Which Realtor is Right For You? 5 Tips for Military Families

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In 1943, Abraham Maslow developed a psychological theory of basic human needs.  The foundation of the pyramid includes physiological requirements which among others include breathing, food, water, sleep and shelter.  The pyramid theorizes that the next level of human needs include bodily safety, health, and the security of property.  Having a place to call home is one of the most important motivators of human behavior and it is equally important to find the right person to guide you through the process.  Read on for tips to find the Realtor that is right for you!


Word of mouth (or keyboard) is the best advertisement!  Ask your friends and family first.  Sometimes that is more difficult if you are being relocated to an area that is new and unfamiliar.  As a fellow military family, we have been in that situation more than a few times.  That is when social media can be your best friend.  Utilize Facebook and different public forums.  At Fort Campbell alone there are several different active Facebook pages to include PCSing ~ Relocating to Fort Campbell, KY ~ Clarksville, TN and Fort Campbell Wives Page.  Ask around!  Then once you get names of a couple of Realtors, ask if they have a couple of clients that wouldn’t mind speaking with you about their buying experience.  According to The 2012 National Association of Realtors® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, “buyers most commonly choose an agent based on a referral, with trustworthiness and reputation being the most important factors.”

Visibility in the marketplace matters!  While you are getting recommendations and speaking to clients, check the Realtor’s visibility.  One of the fastest ways to do that is to run a Google search.  For example, search “Ariel Anderson” and see what comes up.  Try “Ariel Anderson Realtor” or “Ariel Anderson real estate”.  If you don’t get any results, that is no bueno and a good sign that the Realtor is not well-established in the community.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, if the Realtor is all over every billboard, shopping cart, and magazine that you see, chances are that you will be working with more than one person, or likely even a team.  Typically when working with a larger organization or team, you may have several different hands on documents, there may be longer waits for return phone calls, and that “home town” feeling might be missing.  Be cautious if someone entices you to use their services and then sends you on to another person, who may send you on to another.  You need to know who is on your side, and that you will not be lost in the shuffle.

What exactly do you do for a living?  Another good way to tell if a Realtor is right for you is to find out if they practice real estate full-time in this area.  According to the latest update, the Clarksville Association of Realtors has 703 active Realtors registered.  Not all of them practice full-time, and some of them may not even be in the area.  You want to make sure that whoever you are working with takes your quest for a home as seriously as you do.  They need to be directly involved in local real estate, knowledgeable of the area, and familiar with homes currently on the market.  If the Realtor is spread to thin and constantly distracted by other duties, you may not get the time and diligence needed.

You may also want to be sure that you aren’t being used as a referral.  There are some Realtors who make a living off of collecting referral fees.  They may tell you they are familiar with the area and have a lot of contacts that may be able to assist you.  They will get your personal information (name, phone number, email, etc), send it to a Realtor or team who is actually based locally, and then behind the scenes they collect a percentage of the commission that the Realtor they referred you to makes when you close on a home even when they did not personally do any work on the deal.  Make sure that the Realtor represents themselves honestly from the start, that the individual you speak to is here, and that they are willing to meet with you personally versus passing you off to someone else while collecting a fee.

Communication is key.  As I speak of in Tell me how this “buying a home” thing works?  A Guide

Make sure you feel like you can communicate with easily and that you are working with someone who will answer your phone calls, or return them at least.  Can you ask questions without being rushed?  Do they answer your questions or give you vague replies?  You want to make sure the individual is enthusiastic about their work and is confident with the process.  They need to be willing to explain things over and over again without getting frustrated, until you understand completely.

Do not drive around or search online, find a pretty home, and call the number on the sign.  The agent on the sign is the listing agent and works on behalf of the seller.  You see, with any real estate transaction, there are two sides; the selling side, and the buying side.  You want to find someone to represent you and your best interests!  There will be an Exclusive Buyer’s Representation Agreement which says that you agree to work with your realtor for a certain, mutually agreed upon, amount of time.  If you decide you do not like your realtor, once you have signed this agreement… if you go out and do the deal on your own… you may still be responsible for paying your realtor a commission, even if you did all the work on the side.  Make sure it is a good fit before you sign.  Read the fine print and remember that everything is negotiable until it is in writing!

Check your gut.  What does your instinct tell you?  Before signing a Buyer’s Representation Agreement, ask if the Realtor can show you a couple of homes.  Pay attention to the feelings that you get now so that you aren’t stuck in a binding agreement later with someone who is just isn’t a good fit.  As reported by The 2012 National Association of Realtors® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, “Two out of thee buyers interviewed only one agent.  Eighty-nine percent of buyers are likely to use the same agent again or recommend to others.”  My personal recommendation is that you speak with a couple, unless you come across me first, and then look no further… You’ve found a Realtor on your side!

One more word to the wise;  Older and in the system longer does not necessarily mean better.  Sure experience is important!  They need to know the ropes, and understand the market.  But you also want someone who is eager, enthusiastic, and up to date with the market.  They need to be up to speed with the latest technology, social media, and community in general.  How cool is to find a realtor that utilizes text messaging, or Facebook?  Yeahhhhh, come on out of the stone ages!!

In conclusion, and back to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, buying a home and the people you choose to work with can affect many of your basic needs at some point along the way.  At the upper part of the pyramid you will see a need for friendship (love/belonging), respect by others (esteem), and problem-solving (self-actualization).  A great Realtor will not only help you with the most basic of needs, finding a safe shelter, but will also be a friend, will respect your choices and desires, all while helping you to problem solve through the process with your best interests at heart.

Pick Me!So if you are seeking real estate in the Clarksville, Tennessee or Fort Campbell, Kentucky area, pick me, pick me!  Call today or submit your information below so I can be your own personal Buyer Representative!

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